Dancing in Circles by Stacey Broadbent

Dancing in Circles


Maddison Lee, Maddi for short, is in training. The biggest Salsa competition in New Zealand – The National Salsa Championships, are coming up, and Maddi, with partner Dane, have to defend their title. The competition this year will be fierce, especially where Sacha, Dane’s ex, is concerned. She and Jessie missed out last year and are determined to do whatever it takes to win this time. Even if it means the end of Maddi and Dane.
The pressure to succeed proves too much and Maddi seeks solace in the arms of shy guy, Ricki Macavoy. Slowly she brings him out of his shell and they become inseparable. Their friendship means everything to her.
Dane isn’t having any of that. He wants Maddi back and will do anything to prove his love to her. But does he go too far?
With the help of Ricki and friends, Maddi is able to put Dane out of her head and move forward, starting with the Championship.

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