Rebellion by John Ling




When the son of an American businessman is kidnapped in Malaysia, it marks the beginning of a violent insurgency that pits Shiite Muslims against Sunni Muslims.

Khadijah is the enigmatic leader of the Shiite rebels. Driven by visions from God and the gift of prophecy, she has created a fanatical guerrilla army that will stop at nothing to overthrow the present Sunni regime.

Maya Raines is the covert operator brought in as part of an international task force to help fight the insurgency. Half-Malaysian and half-American, she has razor-sharp instincts, and she’s determined to recover the kidnapped boy.

As tensions mount and emotions reach boiling point, Khadijah and Maya will play a deadly game of cat and mouse. From poverty-stricken back alleys to luxuriously decadent hotels, these two women will struggle to outthink and outlast each other.

And as Malaysia lurches ever closer to the edge of collapse, a final confrontation looms. At stake is the very soul of this besieged nation. Who will survive? Who will perish? And who will be transformed into something more?

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