Magenta Rising by Mouse Diver-Dudfield

Magenta Rising

Central Otago, New Zealand. Three hundred and fifty years after a catastrophic disaster has killed 99.9% of the planet’s population, the survivors – descendants of the only underground shelter to remain miraculously intact – struggle to survive in a hostile new world.
Drenched in deadly ultraviolet rays, the human race’s dwindling genetic code is in crisis. To nurture and rebuild it, a cloning program was established to mass produce identical self-aware male and female clones to undertake the environmentally dangerous tasks for the fledgling, canopy-protected colony of Sinai. These replicants were all called, simply, Joseph and Clara.
With a century and half of faithful servitude behind them, two military cadet Claras experience an unexpected “life variation”. They suddenly evolve, step outside the cluster and form – for the first time – their own awareness.
This evolution takes each of them on their own personal journey where, together, they uncover just how far the leaders of the new Earth will go to protect the human race from extinction.

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