The Omega Children – The Agent of the Diaspora by Shane A. Mason

Omega 3

Melaleuca and her cousins finally learn their ultimate destiny – to usher in the next age when the time of humans passes, however when a man turns up with hundreds of modern day costumes, Melaleuca gravitates to the seductive path of power and force, threatening to unravel the cousins’ innocence and power.

Will it be their undoing?

Lexington is in a coma. Her inner voice speaks freely. Uncle BearNard and Dunk are dead and Aunty Gertrude is locked in the dungeons, and many now believe the “Marauders” are back to save them. Pressure mounts on Melaleuca to lead the final assault on the Vahn, when under the northern hills Quixote discovers the Etamols, the last remaining beings of the age before humans. They warn Melaleuca to forsake the path of force, claiming the costume man is an imposter.

When the Inquisat attack in full force, Melaleuca realises the Vahn will never leave them alone, and despite the Etamol’s dire warning of losing power, she knows she must start building an army.

The final discovery of the secret purpose of the Vahn rocks Melaleuca’s and her cousin’s perception of what they have been trained for.

Can Melaleuca and her cousins defeat the Vahn, rescue those oppressed and remain uncorrupted to usher in the next age?

The Omega Children – The Agent of the Diaspora is the 3rd book in a YA semi-fantasy, action-adventure series featuring subterfuges, secret passages, costumes of power, strange beings, and a madman hell bent on revenge.

If you like hard to put down, fast paced mysteries, with engaging plot twists revealed only as the characters discover them, and a complex story line, then you will love Shane A. Mason’s compelling Omega Children Series.

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