The Omega Children – The Vahn and the Bold Extraction by Shane A. Mason

Omega 2

As Melaleuca and her cousins are thrust deeper into the cruelty of the Vahn, she must make a decision. Fight back and risk corrupting their power or ignore the suffering around them.

Physically and emotionally bludgeoned by the Vahn, the brutal school of discipline, Melaleuca leads her cousins back to their base to lick their wounds. With Lexington overwhelmed, Ari delving into the power of the land, and Quixote running amok with incessant ideas, plus the “French Resistance,” telling them they are the foretold “Marauders,” Melaleuca struggles to hold to the non-violent, playing values of their upbringing.

Can she resist her urge to destroy those in power?

Lord Daquan realises they have the power source he has sought for 30 years and sets about plotting their downfall, and the ruling powers of the land carry on trying to break them. When in a final desperate attempt to shatter Melaleuca and her cousin’s will, they are entered into a deadly contest, Melaleuca is torn between fighting back or fleeing.

If she flees, the downtrodden that have waited for the Marauders to rescue them will be condemned to a lifetime of brutality.

The Omega Children – The Vahn and the Bold Extraction is the second book in a YA semi-fantasy, action-adventure series featuring subterfuges, secret passages, costumes of power, strange beings, and a madman hell bent on revenge.

If you like hard to put down, fast paced mysteries, with engaging plot twists revealed only as the characters discover them, and a complex story line, then you will love Shane A. Mason’s compelling Omega Children Series.

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