Breaking Stone by Ash Harlow

Breaking Stone

No one tames Stone Logan

There is no secret to my romance novels…I play hard, and I write about it. The filthier the better. If you’ve been in my bed, you’ve starred in my stories.
My books are hot. Women send me their underwear, and husbands tell me they’re getting laid every night…and again in the morning.
So what’s the problem?
The final book in my series is the problem. The material exposes more than usual, and the publishers want it rewritten. Lawyers are rattling their swords, threatening lawsuits. Even worse, my agent’s hired a girl to keep an eye on me. A babysitter. Katrina. An annoying, straight-laced personal assistant to make sure I stay out of trouble.
But Katrina’s not like any girl I’d ever known and her sweet blush is the worst trouble ever.

To land my dream job, I need to deliver Stone Logan’s last book.
His agent chose me knowing I won’t distract a guy whose bedpost is notched with socialites, actresses and underwear models.
But he looks at me like I’m the cherry on top of a sexy sundae. He teases me until I blush. And I can handle that, until he asks for a kiss. Just one. For research.
If I’m not careful, I’ll be the next dirty story in Stone Logan’s book.

***This is a full-length standalone novel filled with shameless love, drama, scorching hot sex, and filthy language. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a definite HEA.

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