Crave: Addicted To You by Ash Harlow


Revenge is sweet, but Darcy is sweeter.
I don’t go to bars to pick up women, I don’t have to.
But when I see the sweet little minx sitting alone at the end of the bar, I seize the opportunity to find out more.
She’s new to town and I want to keep her here, so I offer her a job.
And Darcy is more than just a great opportunity.
Tight body. Mouth made for pleasure. Legs for days.
My first taste of Darcy is my first taste of heaven.
But Darcy has demons, and so do I.
If mine show up, it could tear us apart.
It’s not just sizzling attraction that binds us.
Someone is trying to take us both out.
I’ll do anything to protect Darcy.
And I’ll do anything to make her mine.

CRAVE is a full length novel filled with secrets, adoration and scorching scenes. No cheating or cliffhangers, just pages of intrigue, love, and always an HEA.

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