Doctor O by Ash Harlow

Doctor O

My bedside manner will put the Oh! into her O
By day, I’m Dr. Noah Osbourne, emergency physician.
By night, I’m Doctor O, medical romance author,
and master of the O-Zone chat room where fans confess their darkest fantasies.
If the medical board knew about my side gig, I’d lose my license.

But no one knows what I do… until Steffi finds out.
She’s my best friend’s little sister and my mentor’s daughter.
And seven years ago when I left town, she was a lanky tomboy with a ponytail.
Now she’s all grown up, with all the curves to prove it.
One look at her and something deep inside me says Yes! when I should be saying No.

I fight our attraction even though we’re sharing a house.
Even as she works with me while I run her parents’ medical practice.
Right up until she asks for help with this little problem she has.
Steffi has never had an O.

She needs a helping hand… or more… but if I oblige, will I lose not only my job but also my heart?

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