His Virgin Apprentice by Ash Harlow

His Virgin Apprentice

~ ZACH ~
At thirty-years-old I thought I knew everything.
Until Natalie.
I look at her and I’m starving. She has no idea that she’s killing me by the hour with her curvy body, her smart mouth, and her wide-eyed innocence.
She’s my obsession.
She’s untouched.
And she’s my boss’s granddaughter.
Am I really going to sacrifice my career over this infatuation and throw away eight years of intense focus and dedication to my craft?
Watch me. 

He’s magnificent. His body is stunning, long and lithe, broad-shouldered, every muscle defined.
He electrifies me.
Watching him move, I’m spellbound.
One year as Zach’s apprentice is supposed to reform me. One week in his studio and my resistance evaporates.
If I touch him I’ll be ruined.
So will he.

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