Stellar Love by Ash Harlow

Stellar Love

You know who I am…Reuben Creed.
Yeah, that Reuben Creed.
Rock star. A solo artist, because I don’t depend on anyone.
Burned out after six-months on the road, I’m sick of the groupies, the publicists, the media, the scene.
They say no man’s an island. I call bullshit.
I’ve found solace on a secluded island, off the coast of a small country at the bottom of the world. Off-grid, raw, primitive perfection. Nobody in LA knows where I am and that’s exactly what I crave—peace and solitude.
The island has a caretaker. Stella. Just twenty-four, with eyes as blue and wild as the ocean. A mouth that’s quick to smile and tease, and a body and heart that inspire me to start writing songs again.
Songs about Stella.
She’s a million worlds away from the fans who hound me, and I should have kept my hands off her, but here on the island we’re safe. No-one can touch us, nobody knows I’m here.
Until one photo, one slip-up and suddenly my ugly world collides with Stella’s peaceful refuge. There’s only one way to protect her. I’ll have to sacrifice every last thing I’ve found here in paradise.
Including Stella.

Place a burned out rockstar on a remote New Zealand Island. Add sexy caretaker, and a wild storm. Stir and watch sparks fly. Safe read, standalone novella with a guaranteed HEA. Lots of feels, dirty talk, and enough loving to steam you up.

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