Hiding in Public by Toni Kenyon

Hiding in public

He’s tortured, she’s driven. When they’re not loving the sparks really fly.

Following a gruelling tour, Julian, his beloved Mags and their new baby Annabelle find themselves back home in New Zealand for some much needed rest and recreation. Torn between his desire to be the perfect family man and the incessant pull of the road, Julian makes his younger brother, Sam an offer that he knows he won’t be able to refuse.

Sam MacAvoy has grown up in the shadow of his older brother, Julian. When he’s offered the opportunity to front his own band in Europe, singing Julian’s new songs, Sam can’t say no–even if the prospect is terrifying.

All Dusty Tate’s ever wanted is to make it big and be a star. She’s watched her dreams slip through her fingers before, but now it looks as if Julian MacAvoy’s going to give her another big break.
Dusty’s determined that her talent and drive can take both her and Sam to the top, eclipsing Julian’s fame.

Will her growing attraction to the hot, hard, tattooed bad boy and the spectre of Sam’s alcoholic past destroy Dusty’s dreams all over again?

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