Blood Like Ice by Lee Hayton


Norman is desperate to cure his main disability—being dead.

At thirteen years old, I became a vampire to save my teenage life. Within a few months, the government put me in shackles, and I spent every night working at the empire’s beck and call. Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire is my forte. And yet…

In the dungeons underneath the empire, I heard tales of a vampire who overturned the curse of my species. At the time, huddled in the dark, it seemed like an idle dream. But when the vampires revolted, I evaded recapture and set out to prove that dreams could become reality. So what if the only thing I’m armed with is my misfit friends and hope?

The soldier bots will hunt us to the ends of the earth to stop me getting within a mile of such a world-altering secret. But the ice-cold blood running through my veins is an advantage that no one in power ever truly thinks about. I’ve already died, you meatheads. Do you think I care if the empire kills me again?


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