Hansel & Gretel’s Not-So-Old Crone by Lee Hayton


Life in a gingerbread house isn’t easy.

For young crone Isobel, life in the middle of the deep, dark woods is a dangerous and lonely business. Since her mother and grammy died several years before, she’s been left to carefully fend for herself.

While shooing some greedy children away from her tempting door, Isobel is delighted that a gentle woodcutter coming to her aid. The strong and silent man injects some much-needed joy into her solitary life. But when the woodcutter’s testimony leads a wolf to be executed for a crime he swears he didn’t commit, Isobel must confront the possibility that her loving companion might be hiding a loathsome secret.

Overwhelmed by frightening choices, and battling sweet-toothed children determined to win her house as their prize, Isobel must draw on her courage and common sense if she’s to stand a chance of survival.

And before you read her tale, be warned…

Ivy Kingdom isn’t known for happy endings.


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