Pushing Up Daisies by Toni Kenyon

Pushing up daisies

Dear reader,
My name’s Tessa and I’m an alcoholic. This is my story of recovery and about the power of hope and love. My journey involves pain, self-loathing, deceit, infidelity and a whole lot of other appalling behaviour that I’m not proud of, but it’s part of who and what I am. If you don’t like the idea of reading about these things, then you should move on. Alcoholism is an indiscriminate killer. It takes mothers from children, husbands from wives and children from their parents. It doesn’t care about how much money you earn, or whether you wear designer clothes or how much you can afford to pay for rehab. If you don’t stop drinking – it takes you anyway. The good news is, I’m in recovery now and I haven’t had a drink or a drug for many, many years. That’s how I make daily amends to those I have hurt – by staying stopped, one day at a time.

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The Last Letter by Kirsten McKenzie

The Last Letter

The thrilling sequel to Fifteen Postcards

Disappearing from her antiques shop amid a spray of bullets, Sarah Lester leaves no body, only questions.

Sarah’s friends are left to deal with the aftermath of her disappearance, including questions about the dubious provenance of her antiques which threaten to crush the business she’s brought back from the brink of failure.

Sarah struggles to reunite with her father while continuing the search for her mother, unaware that England’s violent colonial past has followed her to the present, putting herself and those she loves in danger. From the remote shores of New Zealand, through India’s hill-country stations and onto the streets of Victorian London, Sarah must determine whether family bonds are strong enough to reach across the centuries.

The Last Letter is peopled with reticent soldiers, conniving clergymen, fanatical collectors and commission-hungry auctioneers, taking you on a spectacular journey through time.

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Fifteen Postcards by Kirsten McKenzie

Fifteen Postcards

History shapes those who travel through it

Following the unexplained disappearance of her parents, and in a last ditch attempt to save the antique store she has inherited from financial ruin, Sarah Lester takes on a deceased estate. Amongst the estate is a collection of vintage postcards which lead Sarah on a journey through time.

Sarah is unprepared for what these postcards hint at about their reclusive former owner, and soon they complicate her life in unimaginable ways, transporting her to Victorian London, colonial New Zealand and to the British Raj in India. Sarah has to fight her twenty-first century instincts, and a century of emancipation, to survive.

Traversing three continents and two centuries, where tiger hunts and ruby necklaces are irrevocably entwined with murders and mysteries, auction houses and antiquities, Sarah is drawn into the enigma that could solve her parents’ disappearance, and the question of should she stay or should she go, gets harder and harder to answer, the deeper she delves into the past.

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The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton

The Rehearsal


A daring novel about a high-school sex scandal that jolts a group of teenage girls into a new awareness of their own potency and power, this is an exhilarating and provocative story about the complicated mess of human desire. Further enhancing these emotions, the boundaries between the public and private spheres blur when the local drama school decides to turn the scandal into a show. Noted for its startling originality, the tale is at once a tender evocation of its young protagonists and a shrewd exposè of emotional compromise.

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A Remembered Land by Anya Forest

A Remembered Land

She’s trying to escape her past. He’s building himself a future. Can they turn a chance meeting into something more?

Louise Owen has a reputation. Everything around her is a stark reminder of the mistakes she’s made and the memories she can’t leave behind. Frustrated and lonely, she throws herself into her studies and gives up on love. At least, until she met Cody…

Cody Thomas has a golden life. He’s found his calling, he’s got a great internship, and his girlfriend is totally hot. But when his relationship goes belly-up, he’s surprised to find the aloof, outspoken Louise running through his mind.

Louise knows that life is not a romance novel, but being with Cody makes her anxiety flare up like crazy. Can Cody crack her defenses and get her to fall in love again?

A Remembered Land is a contemporary romance novel set in New Zealand. If you like smart dialogue, kiwi settings, and strong but flawed heroines, then you’ll love the second book in Anya Forest’s Maniototo Skies series.

Buy A Remembered Land to meet your new favorite vixen today!

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A Forgotten Sky by Anya Forest

A Forgotten Sky

He’s the one she left behind. Will she forever be the one who got away?

Marina Bryant left New Zealand to make something of herself. After studying art in Europe for six years, she returns to her Maniototo hometown, to find the people have changed but the memories haven’t – and not all of them are happy ones. But upon seeing the love of her youth, she can’t help but wonder if leaving was the right thing to do.

Daniel Kent broke Marina’s heart so she could find herself elsewhere. When she returns years later, he tries to tell himself he’s moved on completely. But it doesn’t take long before he feels her magnetic pull…

As Marina and Daniel reconnect, jealousy and bad luck conspire to rip them apart. Are they destined to be together, or have they missed their one chance at love?

A Forgotten Sky is a standalone contemporary romance novel set in New Zealand. If you like fiery heroines, gorgeous settings, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love the first book in Anya Forest’s Maniototo Skies series.

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A Southern Shelter by Anya Forest

A Southern Shelter

He’s desperate to forget. She’s happy to distract him. Can they overcome tragedy to find true love?

Jesse Holt flees south to forget, pursued only by his conscience and the shadow holding on to his soul. Only at a remote southern bay can he find solace, or that’s what he tells himself, anyway. Instead he meets Lisa Dillon, who lives for the day – and the night – offering Jesse a way to shut out his memories, temporarily at least. But Lisa’s determination to live in the moment is just one of the barriers between them, as Jesse fights to break free of his past and make a new life for himself. Without Lisa, who knows only the sun in life and nothing of the shade – or the real Jesse. The safest thing he can do is keep her a distance, just like he does with everyone, or else risk shining a light on his true self. Because when the sun shines on darkness, shadows still remain…

A Southern Shelter is a contemporary romance novel set in New Zealand that handles challenging issues like domestic violence and pregnancy loss. If you like complex characters, exotic kiwi scenery, and stories that stay with you, then you’ll love the standalone second book in Anya Forest’s Across the Strait series.

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A Southern Star by Anya Forest

A Southern Star

She’s not ready for love. He’ll do whatever it takes to change her mind.

Christie Mitchell finds herself at a crossroads when her fiance runs off with her best friend and leaves her high and dry in Auckland. Ready to throw off the shackles of a tainted relationship, Christie packs up and heads to a remote island in southern New Zealand in order to start a new life. Over a southern summer she finds the means to start over and perhaps even a little bit more…

Enter Blake Ryan—a guy who’s used to getting what he wants: attention, laughs, and any woman he desires. Upon their fateful meeting, Blake and Christie begin to dance around an unspoken attraction and the relentless pull of Blake’s charm. Christie may not be able to trust again—or is Blake worth the risk? Can such a whirlwind romance survive the choppy, unchartered waters ahead? Or will two stubborn, unprepared individuals collapse under the weight of their own pasts?

A Southern Star is a contemporary romance with a strong New Zealand flavour. If you like simmering chemistry, couples that are meant to be, and heaps of Kiwi lifestyle, then you’ll love the first book in Anya Forest’s Across the Strait series.

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Doctor’s Orders by Wendy Smith

Doctor's orders

After an explosive end to his relationship, Drew Campbell heads home. Sparks fly when he meets local midwife, Hayley, and she and the young doctor end their argument in a way he never saw coming.

As their relationship grows, Hayley’s torn between staying in the small town she’s made her home, and moving to the big city with Drew. An emergency situation sees her on his doorstep, and Drew’s reluctant to let go.

Especially with the attention she’s attracted from an unwanted source. One who’s used to getting his own way.

The second book in the Copper Creek story also features the continuing story of Adam and Lily. Adam’s demons are never far way, and his past still has the ability to hurt them both.

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