Christmas with the Boss by Ariadne Wayne

Hot 4

Alisha and Scott have been happily married for five years. Work commitments put strain their family, and Scott tries to ease the pressure only to put Alisha in a bad situation. Scott’s ex returns in a most unexpected way, and Kate gets her own happy ending.

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Forever hot for the Boss by Ariadne Wayne

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An accident brings Alisha and Scott together again, but what impact will meeting hot paramedic Dan have on their relationship? Their mothers are getting on a little too well, and a late surprise brings the couple joy. Will their attempt to spice up their love life backfire on them?

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Tempted by Sabre Rose


– Lauren –
Despite a rocky start to our relationship, we were making it work.
Even if my family couldn’t stand him.
Young, gorgeous and carefree, Gabe was everything I never knew I wanted.

Then I met his brother.

I knew it was wrong to feel the way I did. To think the things I thought.

But even though I was dating Gabe, Tyler was coming for me.

I just needed to resist . . .

– Gabe –
We were happy. I guess that’s why I allowed myself to be sucked back in.
I never wanted to be part of my family again.
Returning home spilled secrets I wanted to keep.
I didn’t want her to know what I had done. That I was to blame.

But he told her the truth.

I saw the way he looked at her. It was the same way he looked at most of the things he wanted. Like he already owned her.

Maybe it was karma . . .

Will Lauren give in to temptation, or is she simply a pawn caught in a feud between the two brothers?

The Thornton Brothers follows Lauren Greer and her entanglement with two of the Thornton men, pitting brother against brother.

It features mature content, sexual situations and adult language, recommended for readers 18+.

Style by Toni Kenyon


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless it follows you home

All Ashley Jacobs wants to do is forget about the Get Rocked! In Vegas Festival and get on with her life. Unfortunately, the one night she spent in the arms of British band, Style Strike’s bad boy bass player, Paul Gray makes that simple wish impossible. She’s brought home more than memories. What should have been a fun fling before she settled into her orderly life has gone awry. To her horror, Ashley’s entire life is turned upside down when she discovers that she’s pregnant. She’s literally about to be left holding the baby.

Paul Gray’s never forgotten that night in Vegas with the woman who wanted nothing to do with a rock star. Style Strike’s US tour has gone from strength to strength and his social media star is on the rise. Paul finds himself surrounded by everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. His life is awash with women, fame and fortune—but all he can think about is the sensual woman who walked away from him that night in Vegas.

Knowing the tour’s about to hit her hometown, Ashley makes the sensible decision to contact Paul. He needs to be told about the baby, doesn’t he?

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Games We Play – Pacific Billionaire by Toni Kenyon

Games we play

A man who’s afraid to commit and a woman who doesn’t want or need too. Bridget Jones’ womanising Daniel Cleaver meets the new millennium version of Elizabeth Bennett.

Amy, a hot-headed, determined woman has it all, including Jake, no-strings, no commitment, hot-n-heavy sexual delight. There’s little room in her life for a permanent man and she likes it that way.

Jake’s tiring of his cardboard cut-out-life. There’s only so much Chardonnay one man can drink in his lifetime and only so many Barbie dolls he can take to bed. His soul years for something more permanent; could that something be Amy?

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The Pacific Billionaire Boss by Toni Kenyon

The pacific 4

Hannah Scott’s bucking the southern small town mindset. She’s not going to settle down and marry a man who spends his days working in the local milk factory and then have a couple of children. She’s come to the big city to stake her claim on freedom and independence.

Robert Redfern is the equivalent of Auckland royalty. He’s been groomed to be the CEO of the family empire all of his life. But when he discovers that part of the requirement to maintain his position is that he take a wife, Robert’s not too happy. 
When the curvy and attractive, Hanna Scott crosses his path, Robert seizes the opportunity to strike a bargain with the attractive redhead that will bring them both what they want.

But, what neither of them anticipates is their magnetic attraction to one another. Can the boss and his executive assistant keep their dealings purely professional?

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The Pacific Billionaire Vintner by Toni Kenyon

The pacific 5

Can two fractured hearts come together to create one great love?

Billionaire Vintner, Harry Pearson returns from overseas to his family’s vineyard on Hauraki Island in New Zealand with plans to develop the estate into the finest vineyard complex in the country—and bring some much needed prosperity to the Island. Emotionally traumatised from an affair gone astray and struggling with the aftermath of his late father’s drinking, womanising and disastrous business deals, he vows he will never love again.

Grace Richards wants out of New Zealand and away from Hauraki Island. After a stressful stint at university studying commerce, she’s hiding out and licking her wounds in the family bach at tranquil, Spindle Bay. Grace decides the only way forward with her life is to follow her dream and study photography in Europe. All she needs now is to make enough money to get on the plane and leave the painful past behind her.

When the lure of big money means that Grace ends up working as Harry’s PA she struggles to keep the relationship professional. What Harry doesn’t count on is Grace’s fiery passion for Hauraki Island reigniting his capacity to open his heart to the possibility of love.

Can Harry convince Grace to let go of her dream to escape and create a life with him as head of the Pearson dynasty?

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