Gun by Lee Hayton


Seven customers shot dead in a coffee shop. Thirty shoppers cut down by an assault rifle at the mall. One hundred and eight pupils killed by high-school students on a rampage.

It’s just reached 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day.

When a neurological virus triggers an epidemic of gun violence, a modern US city fractures into chaos. Annie’s husband shoots at commuters while his son is buckled in a carseat. Frankie and Becca desperately try to hide from a deranged shooter at their school; Robert runs headlong into the midst of a lopsided gun battle; and Blain…? None of them know Blain’s true story.

Thrown together—their families dead or missing—these survivors struggle to escape the newly-dangerous city. Hoping to find a place of safety. Somewhere they can bide their time until the violence subsides, the authorities seize control, and good once again triumphs over evil.

They’re in for a long wait.

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Painted by Kirsten McKenzie


If art can capture a soul, what happens when one of those souls escapes?

When art appraiser Anita Cassatt is sent to catalogue the extensive collection of reclusive artist Leo Kubin, it isn’t only the chilly atmosphere of the secluded house making her shiver, it’s more the silent audience of portraits clustered on every wall watching her.

Kubin’s lawyer didn’t share the detailed instructions regarding the handling of the art, and Anita and her team start work in ignorance of the very instructions designed to keep them safe. Safe from the art.

And in the dark, the portraits stir as the subjects ease themselves out of their frames and stretch, free at last from the confines of paint and canvas which they have no intention of ever returning to. They have a painting to finish and the people in the house will only be in the way…

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Fear the Fever by Stacey Broadbent

Fear the Fever

What would you do, if your whole world was turned upside down? If all around you, people were dropping like flies… and coming back to take you down with them.

In the small town of Worthington, that’s exactly what happened. All peace was shattered when a terrible fever spread, taking down anyone and everyone in it’s path. The authorities have left them for dead. There is no hope in sight.

Chad and Zuckerman won’t go down without a fight. Together, they convince a group of strangers to help them search for answers. When they find their only real lead, disaster strikes, and it becomes a race against time to find a cure…

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