The Prankster and the Ghost by R L Stedman


‘The school will be good for you, Tayla,’ said the inspector. ‘You’ll have children your own age to play with.’
‘Dead children.’
‘Well, yes. True. But you can’t have everything’

Stuck in a hospital bed, unable to move, Tayla decides to leave his body. But floating around intensive care is kind of boring, although being invisible means he can do some cool practical jokes…Until the inspector arrives, that is.

Jamie, newly arrived from Scotland, is lonely. No-one can understand his accent and all his practical jokes are going wrong. Plus, his new school is seriously weird. Perhaps it’s haunted…

Shortlisted for the 2012 Tom Fitzgibbon Award, The Prankster and the Ghost is a story of friendship and learning to live with loss. And, of course, practical jokes.

Caution: The Prankster and the Ghost contains plenty of ghosts and heaps of practical jokes.

Suitable ages 6 – 99

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Super Mum?: From one Frazzled Mother to Another by Stacey Broadbent

Super Mum

Have you ever had to repaint an entire room because your daughter likes to draw on walls? Only to have her draw on the new paint within a matter of days? I have. Have you ever had to scrub another persons bathroom because your other daughter didn’t quite make it in time, and thought the best idea was to smear it on the walls and toilet seat? I have. All I ever wanted was to be a mum. Turns out, it’s not quite what I imagined it to be. I’m not that perfectly dressed, refined mother who’s portrayed on TV. No. That’s not me. I make mistakes. My children aren’t perfect. In fact, they can be downright devilish at times. And I have three of them. Three! What the hell was I thinking?

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Super Mum!: Frazzled, Frumpy and Fabulous! by Stacey Broadbent

Super Mum 2

Have you ever attempted to make your kids a fancy birthday cake, only to have it end up an unrecognisable blob? I have. Have you ever had your feet and ankles swell up so much that they become one with your calf? I have. Have you ever had your child proudly show you their playdough creation that clearly resembles the male genitalia, and even though you wanted to laugh, you hold it in, and tell them how wonderful they are? I have. Motherhood. It’s one of life’s journeys that some of us choose to partake in. It’s a crazy ride, full of ups and downs and in-betweens. I have three children already, and one on the way. And even though this is what I wanted, I still find myself asking… What the hell was I thinking?

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Awesome Applesauce: Indies Down Under by Stacey Broadbent & S. K. Lessner

Awesome Applesauce


Two Indie Authors, slinging our shit in every group, blog, and post we could find.
That’s how we met. That’s how we became virtual besties.

It didn’t matter that we lived on opposite sides of the world. We understood each other. We shared the same hellish road of authordom, filled with its
struggles, successes, rejections, and triumphs. Through endless texts, countless posts, and obsessive chats, we discovered the treasure hidden along this path.

This is our story.
Our first real book signing.
And the beginning of one very wild,
extremely funny, and beautifully intense adventure.

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