Sleeping Beauty’s Not-So-Weak Prince by Lee Hayton


All the stories you hear about me, they’re just fairy tales.

The people of this kingdom spout nothing but fanciful lies. I’m the hero of this chapter, whether anybody knows it. I fought a valiant battle and took the princess as my prize.

You might not know it to look at me but once upon a time, I was fit and strong. A prince among men, even before I was the prince regent. Despite the fabrications that the laws of succession are changing, I know that one day soon I will be King.

When that happens, nothing will be able to stop me. I’ll be the most powerful man in the world and the words I tell you today, they’re the ones that will be recorded in posterity. Just wait and see.

Ruling Ivy Kingdom will be my happy ending.


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Snow White’s Not-So-Evil Stepmother by Lee Hayton

Snow White

Do you have what it takes to be a princess?

If you enjoy being locked in a tower room for punishment, surrounded by nothing but gray brickwork while your life fades like a sepia-toned photograph, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

Are you good at parties? Do you like socializing and dancing? If you answered NO, you’re just the girl we’re looking for.

How about sitting in your princess-sized throne for hour after relentless hour? If you can handle sitting still and silent for days on end, you’re halfway there. Imagine the excitement of nodding to people you don’t know while all around you the peasants are having fun. What other job lets you practice fluttering your eyelashes to disguise your boredom?

If somebody catches your eye, befuddles your brain, makes your heartbeat pound like timpani at the back of the orchestra, do YOU have the experience necessary to forsake them? Our successful candidate will need to stick fast to their role rather than running off to steal forbidden kisses under the moonlight.

Although this job isn’t paid, you can rest assured we will provide you with enough mundane tasks to fill your entire day. Settle into the comfortable routine, and you’ll never have to think for yourself again. Even better, if you apply now, you’ll have the opportunity to memorize twelve volumes of outdated rules and regulations.

This role has it all, but do you? If you think you have what it takes to be the dutiful toe-the-line princess of Ivy Kingdom, then scroll up to fill out an application today!

Legal Disclaimer: Ivy Kingdom isn’t known for happy endings.


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Hansel & Gretel’s Not-So-Old Crone by Lee Hayton


Life in a gingerbread house isn’t easy.

For young crone Isobel, life in the middle of the deep, dark woods is a dangerous and lonely business. Since her mother and grammy died several years before, she’s been left to carefully fend for herself.

While shooing some greedy children away from her tempting door, Isobel is delighted that a gentle woodcutter coming to her aid. The strong and silent man injects some much-needed joy into her solitary life. But when the woodcutter’s testimony leads a wolf to be executed for a crime he swears he didn’t commit, Isobel must confront the possibility that her loving companion might be hiding a loathsome secret.

Overwhelmed by frightening choices, and battling sweet-toothed children determined to win her house as their prize, Isobel must draw on her courage and common sense if she’s to stand a chance of survival.

And before you read her tale, be warned…

Ivy Kingdom isn’t known for happy endings.


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Cinderella’s Not-So-Ugly Stepsister by Lee Hayton



Can your heart bear to listen to the devastating truth?

Everybody in the kingdom knows the romantic tale of Cinderella. A sensitive girl, an abandoned shoe, and the confident prince who won her heart.

That’s not my story.

To give them credit, the royal family’s spin doctors are skilled at creating powerful and juicy propaganda. Who wouldn’t prefer that delicious fairy tale of fake news to the bitter and dismaying truth?

I’m not here to entice you into believing one version over another. I’m no scientist with a measuring tape and statistics to sway your fact-loving soul.

But I was there. I lived with her. I know every last detail of what happened. If you want to know what really happened, listen closely but be warned…

Ivy Kingdom isn’t known for happy endings.


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Red Riding Hood’s Not-So-Bad Big Wolf by Lee Hayton


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Arrested and put on trial for his life, a frightened wolf is desperate to tell his side of the story. You may have heard tales of a vulnerable girl dressed in red, proudly taking a basket to her lonely grandmother. You may have heard of evil plans and a costume misdirection. You may even have heard of a terrifying wolf who fitted two people into a rabbit-sized belly.

Lies. You’ve been fooled with wicked lies.

So, listen now while the wolf is talking and pay him due attention. Who knows if he’ll survive to recite his fearful tale again?


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Red Rocks by Rachael King

Red Rocks


Adventure tinged with magic when a boy finds a sealskin in a cave in this exciting junior novel. Winner of Esther Glen Medal 2013.

While holidaying at his father’s house, Jake explores Wellington’s wild south coast, with its high cliffs, biting winds, and its fierce seals. When he stumbles upon a perfectly preserved sealskin, hidden in a crevice at Red Rocks, he’s compelled to take it home and hide it under his bed, setting off a chain of events that threatens to destroy his family.

Red Rocks takes the Celtic myth of the selkies, or seal people, and transplants it into the New Zealand landscape, throwing an ordinary boy into an adventure tinged with magic. With its beautiful writing and eerie atmosphere, junior readers will be thrilled and moved by this captivating story.

Shortlisted for the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2013.

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Upon A Time by R L Stedman

Unpon a time

Fairy tales reborn! Inside this enchanting collection you’ll find stories that are not-quite familiar. An assassin with a midnight deadline; a shoe store owned by Princeton Charming; a sleeping, ever-so-enchanted beast; an enchanted mirror (how do you define “fairest” anyway?). These are stories you’ve read a hundred times — but never quite like this.

Written over a year, Upon a Time is more than just traditional tales. Each story marks a special day: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter Sunday and more. In the tales in Upon a Time, history mingles with fiction and myth becomes real.

Upon a Time — stories of fantasy and romance, mixed with just a hint of magic.

“‘Excellent,’ she says cheerfully and brings her wand down with a thwack! Stars leap from its tip, out into the night, reaching over the ramparts and into the castle, earthing in the special glass of the slippers, that promptly…

These are very well designed shoes. Not comfortable, but oh, so beautifully engineered.”

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Ghost Writer by Netta Newbound

Ghost Writer

Bestselling thriller author Natalie Cooper has a crippling case of writer’s block. With her deadline looming, she finds the only way she can write is by ditching her laptop and reverting back to pen and paper. But the story which flows from the pen is not just another work of fiction.

Unbeknown to her, a gang of powerful and deadly criminals will stop at nothing to prevent the book being written.

Will Natalie manage to finish the story and expose the truth before it’s too late? Or could the only final chapter she faces be her own?

Ghost Writer is a 24,000 word novella.

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Dark One’s Mistress by Aldrea Alien

Dark One's Mistress

When you’ve spent all your life in the same quiet village, what is there to fear?

As Clarabelle Weaver passes her seventeenth year, she still lives under the protection and shadow of the Great Lord’s fortress. The lord’s men patrol the land and keep the villagers safe, but no one has seen or heard much from the lord himself for years.
Then the Great Lord passes and Clara is abducted and taken to the fortress that has overshadowed her entire life. Lucias, the new lord, is hunting for a woman to bear his heir and ensure the safety of the kingdom, and Clara is his choice.
With nowhere to run and no one to trust, Clara must match her will against a man with dark magic at his beck and call.
But is there more to Lucias than the darkness she sees? Could this quiet, patient man be enough to replace her longing for freedom?

Fans of the original “Beauty and the Beast” or the Grimm Brothers fairy tales won’t want to miss this great tale.

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