What are the requirements to be listed on KiwiFiction?

The book must be written by an author who calls New Zealand home. This includes all NZ citizens living overseas, or anyone currently permanently based in NZ. It must be fiction (see list of genres) and preferably be available for sale as an ebook.

How much does it cost to list a book?

All listings are free.

How to I get a book listed?

Just go to our contact page, flick us an email with the name of the book and where you can find it online, and we will update our database. Simple!

Do you list non-fiction books?

No. At this stage we are listing fiction books only.

What genres do you list?

Please find our list of genres here.

Because we have to place a limit somewhere we do not list non-fiction, poetry, box sets, anthologies, children’s books or short stories.